Fleur Pont, Owner


Born in London I spent my childhood and teenage years in the heart of Devon with my Glass Designer mother, Industrial Designer Father and brother. I was often asked to be a second pair of eyes [consultant] for my mothers designs, being asked which was my favourite colour, texture and shape. My fathers very clever practicality has rubbed off too. My half sisters career as an Architect has also been influential to my design thinking.

I studied Photography, Film, Art and Media. Specialising in Art and Design at Foundation. I moved onto Surface Design at the London College of Communication / the old London School of Printing. Incorporating my drawings and designs into screenprints.

Later while working in Hospitality in Bristol I was inspired by discarded furniture on every corner and the Sofa Riot shop at the end of my road, to take up upholstery.

After spending some time with Devon upholsterer Amber Russel I started taking on commissions. I then worked for a short time for design classic specialist upholsterer Anne Bruce in London.

I returned to Bristol and set up a housekeeping service for elderly people and continued with my upholstery training on the AMUSF [Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers] course at Tresithick Upholstery Training in Cornwall .

In 2016 I was involved with the Bristol Upholstery Collective where we were visited by BBC programme Money for Nothing. Presenter and designer Sarah Moore saved a 3 piece suite from the tip and brought it to the collective to be revamped and given a new life. img_1026

2017 I now have my own workshop at Unit D, Durnford Street, Southville, Bristol, BS3 2AW where I share with a painter, installation artist, sound engineer and 3D projection mapper. I am excited to explore the new possibilities my new workplace will bring to Fleur Pont Upholstery.